01-2009 Innovations in the Field of Motorised Curtain Track Systems

Silent Gliss has more than 40 years of experience in the field of electrical curtain tracks. It was the first
manufacturer in window treatment to motorise a curtain track directly onto the track. With the introduction of
various new motors and controls, Silent Gliss takes its electrically operated products to an even higher level.
Silent Gliss now offers electric curtain track systems
for every need - from the high-end systems Silent Gliss
5400 & 5420 with their all-time silent motors over the
latest developments Silent Gliss 5200 & 5220 to the
system Silent Gliss 5090 which lets the curtains look
after themselves and your home.
In addition, our innovative and best-selling Folding Panel System Silent Gliss 2650 and Vertical Blind System Silent Gilss 2950 are now available with new motors. More comfort, silent and very precise operation and durable technique are only a few of the strengths of the new 
Silent Gliss motors.
All our cutting-edge systems can be combined with
the Radio Remote Control System Silent Gliss 9940 -
giving you total control over your system.
For more specific information, please select the Silent Gliss company in your country.
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Silent Gliss products in a natural environment.
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