Regional Production

Silent Gliss is a group of independent locally acting companies with regional production facilities. The fact that the Silent Gliss subsidiaries often not only assemble in the region but also source locally, ensures that emissions caused by transports are reduced.

Waste Reduction/Recycling

Silent Gliss aims to minimize its waste production. By screening the quality of applied materials at an early stage, any possible anomalies can be removed from the process before the materials are processed, which means that rejection of products is minimized. Fabric waste is largely avoided by using modern  IT based cutting machines. Unavoidable leftovers are often used for fabric samples or as filling materials for transportation purposes (additionally saving plastic elements). All waste materials are separated and if possible returned for recycling.


The first priority for Silent Gliss when determining our suppliers is quality, quality not only in regards of functionality but also in regard of efficiency and sustainability. Wherever possible we work with ISO certified companies (ISO 9001/14001).
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Silent Gliss products in a natural environment.
Sustainability High Above Sea Level
The Monte Rosa SAC Lodge, sustainably built with the latest technologies
Quality Management
Due to the variety of certification models throughout the world it is our goal that each Silent Gliss subsidiary has to comply with the most stringent local environmental standards and regulations and to pursue a proactive policy.
Most of our 16 companies are certified according to ISO9001 and have or intend to get ISO14001.