08-2009 New Venetian Blind Systems

With our new Venetian Blind Systems you have the ultimate control over light and glare - minute adjustments as the day goes on enable you to have maximum light and visibility without discomfort.

Venetian Blind System Silent Gliss 8100
This attractive system allows the fitting into small window frames due to its narrow head rail and small 16 mm slats. The user-friendly dual action control wand combines tilt operation of slats with integrated cords for fast raising/lowering of the blind.
Venetian Blind System Silent Gliss 8110
Through a new engineered click mechanism, the slats snap into a closed position to avoid an unwished reopening. The new control wand with an integrated brake enables an exact and convenient lowering of the slats. The "Privacy Feature" (PC) with its special hole punching method for the 25 mm slats, ensures no direct light penetration when slats are closed. This makes the system ideal for use in offices and helps compliance with EC computer shading regulations.
Venetian Blind System Silent Gliss 8250
The silent and precise motor ensures a smooth operation of the system at your fingertips. In combination with our radio remote control system, this system offers you almost unlimited operating possibilities - from dusk-to-dawn operation methods to different timer options - almost everything is possible giving you the total control over your system.
Venetian Blind System Silent Gliss 8300
Mono controlled, chain operated Venetian blind system - one single metal chain controls both raising and lowering of the slats and tilting. The new chain alignment offers an even easier and more user-friendly operation of the system through special side by side chain alignment.
Personalise your System
Exciting perforated, sand-coated and mirror slats are only a few out of our unique slat range containing 77 eye-catching colours - giving you almost endless possibilities to personalise your system. Most of the colours are available with 16 mm and  25 mm slats. Additionally, some slats are thermo-coated and reflect the light which reduces heat from entering the room.
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