02-2011 A New Way in Room Dividing

Suspended and adjustable
The system is suspended with sturdy hangers – allowing air circulation throughout the room. The hangers offer stabilization, are easy installed and can be adjusted to the desired length.
Smooth and silent
Our already successfully proven and special designed, sophisticated rollers and tracks allow a smoother, more comfortable and extremely silent gliding of the panels.
Functional and Curved
Bendable tracks down to 15 cm allow the system to adjust to almost every room shape and a unique flexible carrier enables the effortless sliding of the panels around corners with narrow angles without stressing the fabrics.
Elegant and Timeless
A high-quality, bendable design fascia with a brushed aluminum surface offers the perfect finish and hides effectively the technique of the Silent Gliss panel glide system.
The new designed draw rod enables an easier and more comfortable operation of the system. A slight pull of the draw rod is enough to make the panels glide almost noiselessly. The aluminum tube guarantees high stability.
Together with the new design elements, our panel glide systems offer a throughout elegant and timeless look.
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Silent Gliss products in a natural environment.
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