08-2008 Product Placement in TV Soap Opera

For the TV soap opera "Tag & Nacht" (Day & Night) which will be on the air from the 5th of September 2008 on, Silent Gliss Switzerland could equip the film-studio with its exclusive products which will be featured prominently on TV one time per week.
The TV soap opera "Day & Night" tells the stories of a doctor crew working at a 24h doctor's practice.
Our Vertical Blind System 2810 equipped with Vertical Waves is exclusively featured throughout the studio. In addition, cord drawn curtain track systems and vertical blinds are placed in the office and doctor's practice. Our brand will also be listed during the end credits.
Product placement at its best - through "Day & Night", Silent Gliss products will be prominently put in perspective and Switzerland will be watching!
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Silent Gliss products in a natural environment.
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