07-2008 Wave XL and Alfredo Häberli

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Abroad he is already well known, now he is finally becoming a star in Switzerland as well: Alfredo Häberli. The Argentine-Swiss top designer opened his first exhibition "Surround Things" at the Museum of Design in Zurich and Silent Gliss is prominently represented with its exclusive Wave XL.
Alfredo Häberli is one of the most successful Swiss designers as of today. His work combines skilfully functionality, precision, easiness and charm.
At the Museum of Design he is exhibiting now the development of his accredited work. Even for Danish textile designer Kvadrat, he designed astonishing curtain patterns. To exert this exceptional design, Alfredo Häberli chose Wave XL from Silent Gliss, the new curtain heading system exclusively designed for high and large application areas.
For the well known designer this is his first single exhibition. For Wave XL this is a premiere as well - it is presented to the public in Switzerland for the first time.
The exhibition is taking place at the Museum of Design in Zurich, Switzerland from the 27th of June to the 21st of September 2008.
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